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Equity Release can play a significant part in helping your clients achieve their financial objectives, and helping you to retain your clients by providing an expert service is our main objective.

Becoming an introducer to South West Equity Release gives your client access to experienced, qualified and independent advice and will provide you with an additional income stream.

Here are some of the ways we can help you.


If you are involved with financial planning for an older market, then Equity Release has got to be a consideration. From the obvious benefit of providing tax free cash that can be used for any purpose, to IHT planning, Equity Release products are an essential tool for providing the best advice possible for your clients.

South West Equity Release has over 20 years experience and is not afraid of telling a client when Equity Release is a good idea for them and when it is not. We will take your client carefully through all the pros and cons and keep you informed every step of the way, making sure that things such as family considerations and benefit entitlements are fully covered.

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Mortgage Brokers

Equity Release is a specialist part of the Mortgage Broking world. If it is something that you only come across occasionally it can take a large, disproportionate amount of your time. Exams, CPD, and compliance also make it a high maintenance product.

By introducing your Equity Release enquiries to South West Equity Release, you can be confident that your client will be getting the best advice, and your time will be freed up so you can work on more productive matters.

The benefits of Equity Release are not just limited to the immediate needs of the over 55’s. Many plans are now used by supportive parents and grandparents to help raise a deposit for first time buyers and younger families who wish to buy larger properties.

If you have older clients who still have mortgages into retirement or are approaching retirement with interest only mortgages then Equity Release could be a way of changing those situations for the better.

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Accountant or Bookkeepers

Looking after a client’s financial affairs, especially over time, results in a close relationship. One where you as the professional, advises not only according to the rules and regulations of the tax system, but on a more personal basis according to what you know about your clients wants and aspirations.

At no time is this more important that at the latter end of a clients working life. Having access to information and products such as Equity Release enhances the level of service you can provide. To find out more about how being an introducer to South West Equity Release, contact us today using the details below.

Estate Agents

You may well have an arrangement with a mortgage broker, or even have an in house mortgage sourcing facility, and if you do we certainly do not want to tread on any toes! However, your existing arrangements may not include access to an experienced, qualified and independent Equity Release Specialist, and that’s where South West Equity Release can help you.

Did you know that an Equity Release plan can be used to buy a property? Many Estate Agents do not. Equally, someone trying to sell a property with an existing Equity Release plan needs some specialist guidance.

Add to that the fact that more deposits are being funded by the gift of cash raised from an Equity Release plan to a child or grandchild then you can see that this is an area that you should not ignore.